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  • The Beretta TV unit is a best friend to your living room and entertainment areas. Featuring innovative and copious storage space with cutouts to keep your cables out sight and out of mind. Setting the stage for movie marathons or that big match, kick back and relax in style with this contemporary piece.



  • TV UNIT: Body of the product is first-class MDF. All shelves and boards inside the product are melamine-surfaced particle board. Instead of using standard 6mm, 18 mm melamine-surfaced particle board is used for the backboard. For backboard attachments, instead of salt nails, allen screw bolts are used. This is to ensure the quality and form of the product is intact throughout assembling and disassembling process and to prevent the product from overhanging from the sides. Legs and handles are chrome coated. The metal door is made from stainless steel. On every TV unit door, 3-piece German HAFELE brand with moderator hinges are used. (This is to ensure the use of the product for years without overhanging). The bottom part of the product is designed with two 20x40 metal profile to prevent it from sagging. Legs are attached with bolt/steel pegs to prevent them from coming off or breaking off. At the bottom of the legs, adjustable bootees are used to be balanced on uneven surfaces. Inside the drawers, German brand HETTICH slow motion rail system is used. A local high quality “unleaded” brand of paint is used on the product. On top of the product Italian SIRCA brand of varnish is used to prevent surface scratches. The glass inside the metal door is 8 mm “tempered” glass. Digital marble print design is used on the top of the product. The shade of paint is custom mixed, and it is grey stone color. 

  • SHELVES: The product is first-class MDF. A local high quality “unleaded” brand of paint is used on the product. The “U” profile inside the shelves, it can stand unsupported. This is a hanging method preserving the aesthetic. For sheetrock walls, extra sheetrock pegs are added in the hardware kit.
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