Reinvention Of Classic Furniture

Reinvention Of Classic Furniture

March 17, 2020

Classical furniture has been reinvented in the last few years, generating the chicest stream of vintage collections that blended with look, empowered colors, 

Dubai interiors now and then

  • Luxury is not only a matter of price. Many people look now for a different kind of value: quality items and different designs and these doesn’t mean necessarily to break the bank. In an opposite consumerist concept of acquiring cheap short lifetime copies, just paying an average price we can really relax at home and enjoy the comfort and durability of well ended pieces, strong mechanism, outstanding designs.


  • New trending complements for home: in example, multi functional furniture, steel and wood for side and center tables, fluid designs for carpets, lightning, new textures and fabrics…
  • Whereabouts are the most reputed element for decoration: designs, materials as floors, furniture?

Fresh looks



Tips to renew the look of your home:

  • A bold idea: switch to dramatic colors. Don’t be afraid to put color in your life (but don’t abuse!). Neutral colors relax any atmosphere, but they get to be boring: ivory, beige, grey,... that’s fine, but   Give it a try to your favorite bright color, let’s say green, and apply it small doses: for example, only in the main sofa, or for  one of the armchairs and some of the sofa’s cushions, and blend it with the details of the carpet, a green  jar, a plant...

Jardel Multi Color Modern Corner Sofa

  • New trending complements for home: examples, steel and wood for side and center tables, fluid designs for carpets, renewal of classical concepts (vintage styles are in)
  • Why bet for synthetic fabrics?
  • Pan-tone color of the year: how to combine the Ultra Violet on different interior styles: natural pure tones,

Play with volumes and geometric

  • In flat and straight ambiances introducing a baroc element, like a sculptural chair or a designer center table can make bright a room fulfilling it of personality.
  • Wood and other natural details applied to different locations from the usual (walls, frames, table legs…).

Furthermore, our theory is that the look of our living rooms is an honest reflection of all these social changes. That’s why your parent’s home looks so different from yours! Is a decoration generational gap

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