New Urban and Contemporary interiors for the Gulf modern cities!

New Urban and Contemporary interiors for the Gulf modern cities!

March 17, 2020

Online shop, showroom and delivery to GCC

Dubai, May 1st 2017

Modern and functional style has arrived to urban Emirati decoration and, for the first time, to the Gulf Countries. La Vida furniture has opened its doors -physical and virtual ones- as the first high-end European furniture online shop in the Gulf Countries, that also has physical stores to visit in Dubai.

Its philosophy: to introduce the Urban Style in the Gulf cities.  This business concept follows also the latest trends. Is an on-line shop,; is developing an app that will make possible to buy from the phone too-, and it’s available on social media.

Modern Contemporary La Vida Furniture

Urban life

But not only this, La Vida Furniture offers also an added value to buyers in UAE: the showroom.  Having a showroom gives the confidence of having a physical place to visit and check the products, textures and qualities; a place to meet and make special request for projects; where to make a phone call to solve hesitations; where to find advice from professional interior designers; and, of course, where to finalize any special custom order. 

For now, this place is located in Dubai (Al Barsha 2, Umm Suqeim Str.), but new openings of more showrooms will be announced soon.

The authors

Its promoters, have more than a decade of professional experience within the interiors design field and state that this background has allowed him to detect “a gap in the furniture market” which are willing to cover. “Provide added value and help” their clients to renew their interior decoration and relaunch their projects, either homes or businesses, are their main goals.  

“Elegant furniture pieces, exquisite designs and, guaranteed quality supported by the European manufacturers” is how these Syrian entrepreneurs describe their collections inspired in the Urban Lifestyle.

“We want to offer to customers something that we weren’t able to find in the Emirati market, until now: urban style furniture and décor complements, sophisticated but warm, very 21st century. From svelte lines proposals and wooden details, to trendy vintage models”.  

Therefore, Mr. Halabi highlights the “exclusivity” of La Vida Furniture, because they are unique suppliers in the Gulf for most of the items and because of the premium features of these products: “We put ourselves in the customers place. That’s why we offer pretty furniture pieces but, at the same time, functional ones: ease to handle and clean, which can be customized and that transforms themselves to give the best service in any occasions that it’s needed”.

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